Sara Hildén Art Museum

Function Art Museum
Client Competition proposal
Year 2022
Location Tampere, Finland


From the proposal notes:

“Do not call me a patron. Call me a friend of the arts. For that is what I am and have been all my adult life, ever since I bought the works of young painters from Tampere as a young girl.” - Sara Hilden

Architectural solution is based on a recurring square motif and orthogonal rationality, which guides the overall design solution througout and is visible in everything: the composition of the spaces, the ornaments of the facade and the design of the skylights of the upper gallery.

The uncompromising architecture and unyielding stone of the exterior are complemented with warm wood of the interior, deriving from, and reflections of Sara Hildens strong yet warm personality. - A Museum for a Friend of the Arts."

Excerpt from the Jury Evaluation:

"The art museum proposed has been carefully and logically developed both in terms of the cityscape and internal functions.

The merits of the Entry in terms of the cityscape and the functions are based on the fact that the above-ground section of the building only has three floors and the size of its square footprint is sufficiently large to accommodate the functions on the floors in a natural manner."