Apartment HK6

Function Apartment
Area 90 m²
Client Private
Year 2007
Location Helsinki, Finland

Extensive renovation of a top floor corner apartment in a 1920s apartment building.

The starting point of this Helsinki home required a comprehensive and architectural solution based an unusual overall layout, centrally located load-bearing flues, inadequate bathroom facilities and a previous renovation left unfinished.

The aim was to create an open plan with limited divisions, which relies on exploiting the top floor street corner view of the apartment located in the Kallio district of Helsinki.

With a healthy dash of Corbusierian spirit combined with the goal of turning the view into a “fifth façade”, the fan shaped apartment pointed the way. Placing the bathroom and bedrooms on opposite sides of the “fan”, allowed the formation of continuous spatial sequence starting from the entrance and combing the kitchen and living areas to create the heart of the apartment.

Unnecessary and dilapidated closets and re-locating the bathroom helped create a more efficient and unique plan. Rebuilding the existing flooring allowed for substrate electricity and plumbing, as well as ensuring a bright and look maximising natural light as efficiently as possible throughout the apartment.