Founded in 1991, LIIKE is a Helsinki-based expert in design and development processes, quality architecture and visual design.

Design is a tool, a way of thinking and force for solving existential problems. We focus on the outcomes of progressive urban design, the potential of re-modelling and re-developing existing buildings, the opportunities presented in real-estate development and the clarity we can provide in visual design.

Our work is premised on recognising the synergy social, environmental and commercial responsibility can provide in our daily lives, as well as the added value thoughtful design can create.

To help achieve the goals of circular economy and a carbon neutral world, LIIKE is a partner in the international ReCreate-project, lead by the University of Tampere. The main objective of the ReCreate project is to close the loop for concrete at the highest level of utilization by facilitating the deconstruction and reuse of precast structural components. The project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme.