Visual Identity Design, 2023.

Lasitehdas a former factory in Riihimäki.

Under recently changed ownership we aimed to create a visual identity for the property, which describes the unique character of the former Glass Works, as well as some of the glass used in the old buildings, and potential of Lasitehdas as a cultural hub in Riihimäki.

The visual identity created for Lasitehdas takes inspiration from the factory buildings.
Physical elements from the main building are adapted into the design, whilst the subtle distortions created when text is viewed through glass as a material, is the core theme of the visual identity.


The visual identity includes three logos. Two text logos and a ”coat of arms.”

The text logo was adapted from the SWIS721 BT Bold typeface, which was chosen as the client requested that all fonts used be available on Microsoft Office programs.
In these first two logos, the shapes of the letters ”L” and ”T” are distorted, as though seen through uneven glass.


We developed the concept for the Lasitehdas website, as well as alternatives and variations.
Using the same fonts and elements, the structure of the website is simple and understandable.

Calling Cards


Kallioinen Yhtiöt Oy

Graphic Design:

Ione Rawlins


Eric Rawlins